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If you are a dog owner and need help with training, Canine Planet is the only place to go. We have two distinct programs. The Canine Planet Training and Obedience School/Training is for grown-up dogs who need to be trained and the Little Pups Training Academy is for the little tykes who still have to learn their manners. Our pre-puppy planning program is for caring and responsible prospective puppy owners who need some advice in choosing the perfect puppy for their household and activity levels.

Canine Planet Training and Obedience

We have a very simple approach and focus on providing professional service that is designed especially to create a dog that is behaviorally healthy and a joy to have in the house. The positive training approach that we follow with great success at the Canine Planet Training and Obedience Training program is powerful and effective in helping your dog make all the right choices.

What’s even more important is that it strengthens the special bond between you and your pet. With our years of experience we know that reward-based training is a very effective technique that is well-grounded in learning theory principles. Some dogs can be hyperactive, bossy, shy, fearful, destructive, neurotic or plain lazy.

We ensure firm and kind handling and enforce learning through consistency and repetition. Our methods will help you understand how dogs learn, which will go a long way in increasing bonding.


Little Pups Training Academy

Our specially-designed program for puppies via the Little Pups Training Academy will help the little pups make their first paw prints into the world of good behavior and good grooming. Our highly-experienced professionals teach you the correct procedures in training, handling, rearing, correcting and socialization of puppies. The objective is to help you train and raise a happy and healthy dog. The right training will help in achieving a confident and well-behaved dog.

The training session is not just about learning, it’s about spending a few hours out with your pet having fun and learning as you go along. We have created specialized training courses that help you and your puppies understand each other and revel in each other’s company. Your dog will be able to learn and practice various skills in a safe and supportive environment with the right amount of fun.