Puppy School FAQ

Puppy training and socialization are of the utmost importance for puppies aged 8-15 weeks old as this is the most important time in your dogs' develepmental phase.  What you do during this time will impact your dogs' behaviour for the rest of his life.  Properly socialized and trained puppies will grow into being confident, stable and trustworthy companions.

Canine Planet FAQ

Obedience training is critical when it comes to nurturing a healthy human-animal relationship and creating a socially compatible pet. Obedience-trained dogs make confident pets and better citizens. When positive reinforcement and reward based methods are used, training becomes fun and easy.  Each cue that is used plays an important role in day-to-day communication.  Trick training and obstacle course navigation helps with communication, confidence building and bonding.  Training your dog is vital in breaking down language barriers to have a socially acceptable pet.

Online Shop FAQ

Online shopping offers safety, security, infinite choice and incredible convenience at your fingertips.  The Canine Planet online store offers a variety of top quality products.  Rogz products are world leaders in providing the best products for puppies and dogs.  The choice ranges from collars, leads, harnessess, beds, bowls, ID tags and Roglights. Candy products is proudly South African.  All products are sourced and made locally.  Products range from bite rags, lure toys,  tug toys, beds, blankets, collar and leash sets, safety belts and jackets. nec nisl consectetur vulputate id non ante.
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