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Positive dog training is designed to break down the barrier between animal and human communication.  Training your dog should be a fun, positive experience and should build confidence.  Training takes time and patience but the rewards are worth the time and effort that you put in early on.  A well trained, socialized dog is a pleasure not only to you, but also to those he may meet and interact with. Our goal is to assist handlers in raising and training happy, healthy and well adjusted dogs from puppy stages through adulthood. We use a dog’s natural drives and instincts to gain the best results with our training methods which include the lure and reward method, clicker and drive training.

We train happy, confident, social dogs who are trusted and valued members of the community.  We strive to build strong owner-dog relationships based on co-operation, trust and understanding. Innovative, fun dog training classes with Professional Dog Trainers and Behaviourists are run weekly, where you and your dog can learn and practice these skills in a supportive, safe and fun environment.

Dogs learn through repetition, consistency and reinforcement. Through training you will gain better knowledge of how dogs learn.  You will also create a greater bond with your dog.  Training requires commitment and dedication on your part.

During our adolescent and dog training classes, you will be taught how to train your dog to walk on lead, come when called, make eye contact, recognize its name, sit, lie down, stand, wait, stay, navigate obstacles, retrieve, do send a ways, A & B-type recalls, heeling patters, heeling backward, off-leash heeling, scent training, automatic sits, stands and downs and work on distance control and socialization.   These are just an example of some of the basic exercises we will do in class.

Each class:  Beginners obedience, intermediate obedience and advance obedience will challenge you and your dog to aspire to new levels of obedience training.  When ready, you and your dog will be tested and will then have the opportunity to move on to the next level.  Any difficulties you may be experiencing will be addressed in class and we will also give you information on housetraining, chewing, jumping, digging, resource guarding, crate training, noise desensitization, toys, handling, parasite control and nutritional information.

All classes include obedience skills training, trick training, obstacle course navigation and interactive games.  For the more advanced handler & dog teams we offer Canine Good Citizens training, show ring training and competition preparation.  Private lessons and behaviour consultations are offered for those needing individual attention with problem behaviours.

As dog trainers we continue to come up with ideas that work better for more dogs. We are constantly improving on ways to teach our handlers and canines. Many dogs that would have been considered impossible to train in the past are now easy to train thanks to new understanding of how to motivate them. Training equipment continues to evolve, too, and you will need instruction to use some of the tools.

Whatever dogs you’ve trained before, there’s one guarantee: this dog is different! Every dog is different. Even two puppies from the same litter are different from each other, will respond differently to things, and will require different handling from their humans. A good instructor has much to teach you to help your young dog. Training with us is an opportunity you don’t want to miss out on.


Our classes are aimed at providing you, the handler with all the necessary skills to train your dog and to send confident and well trained dogs out into the world all the while making it fun for the both of you.  We are fully qualified in puppy socialization, adolescent dog training, dog first aid and behaviour and we look forward to working with you.



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