Pre-puppy planning is a program for caring and responsible prospective puppy owners that are looking for guidance and advice in choosing the right puppy for their household and activity level.

Sadly, most dogs end up unwanted especially when adolescents because of temperament problems and behaviour issues that could have been resolved with guidance, training and choosing the correct breed.

Most prospective puppy owners are unaware of the problems that lie ahead and unfortunately, they have little idea how to prevent or resolve them.  Outdated training methods, television programs and generic internet advice is often to blame when owners follow these misleading advice and methods.

We believe that education is of the utmost importance when choosing the correct breed, activity level and temperament in a puppy that will join you or your family.  Teaching the correct behaviours from the start is much easier than correcting a bad behaviour later.


We will advise you on the following:

Our goal is to have a dogs’ first home, be it’s only home through responsible decision making, care and guidance.

Please note that although the greatest of care will be taken to assist you in choosing the right puppy or dog from either a shelter or breeder, there can be breed variations that we cannot account for.


***Download and Save the PDF Form and click on the ‘Submit Form’ button after completion. It will be emailed directly to Canine Planet using your email client.