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Little Pups Training Academy is dedicated to helping handlers understand and communicate with their puppies through a series of fun exercises, games and informative colour posters. Our goal is to have a dog’s first home be its only home through education, understanding, compassion and kindness. We use positive reinforcement training methods like the lure and reward method, clicker training and drive training.

We believe in thinking differently about how we live with our companion animals, in challenging the traditional methods of training and looking at life with your dog. A well mannered, social dog that you can happily live with is not a dream but a reality by reinforcing good behaviours and providing handlers and dogs with the skills to confidently manage any situation in the real world. Training should start as early as 8 weeks for optimal success.

We regularly run innovative, fun dog training classes with Professional Dog Trainers where you and your puppy can practice these skills in a supportive, safe and fun environment. We offer puppy classes as well as private consultations. All classes include puppy socialization, basic obedience skills training, trick training, obstacle course navigation and interactive games.

We know that your dogs are your family, and you want the best for them. We take into account busy schedules when planning out your training program, making certain that we only set targets you can manage. Many of our programs take as little as 5 minutes practice per day.

Pet Dog Obedience is often teaching dogs’ life skills, understanding how to behave in public and stressful situations and helping them to cope better in everyday situations. Puppies are a product of environment and genetics and they will turn out to be the product of these two elements.

No dog being confined to a back yard is a happy dog. It does not matter how big that yard is. Every dog was bred with a purpose in mind, whether it be herding, ratting, guarding or retrieving. If the dog is not doing what it was bred for, alternative ways of stimulating your dog’s brain like obedience training, agility, treibball, dock diving or fly ball must be found.



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Little Pups Training Academy provides top-notch training, advice and service to all puppy owners.   Little Pups Training Academy was initially started by Carla Strydom and Tarryn Nelson in early 2012 as a result of a lack of positive training schools in the area.  As our services expanded and we moved to new training grounds and during this time we were fortunate to be joined by Andrea Kearney, a great trainer from Australia who brought with wonderful insights, knowledge and practical experience.  The focal point of the school is to provide training in the form of puppy kindergarten and basic obedience classes to puppies.  We also offer private lessons to clients wanting that extra attention.

Handlers are trained as much as the canines and positive training methods like clicker training, lure and method and drive training is used.

Our mission is to provide you – the dog lover – with the information on the best way to train and raise your puppy, in order for him to grow into a confident, well mannered, happy dog.

We provide you with the tools to better understand your canine companion, how to correct unwanted behaviours and to create a strong, lasting bond.

At Little Pups Training Academy you will find qualified, experienced instructors that can give advice on training, behaviour and nutrition.  Our services are friendly and informative and we strive to educate and train in the best way possible.

Training your puppy or dog is a team effort, which means it’s going to include you, your puppy and your trainer.  Whether it is trick training, agility, flyball, obedience or show training, training builds a bond.  The more effort you are willing to put in the more rewards you will reap and the stronger the bond you create.